Product description:
Le excellent product U4 high-quality mobile power, medial lateral UV piano baking, polishing, vacuum screen printing.
High impact strength, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other processing.
Business -10000mAh simple design, the double USB independent interface for intelligent mobile phone battery, a tablet computer fashion electronic products.
The product configuration Apple adapter, can provide the power for the iphone/ipad and other electrical appliances, you can enjoy to talk, enjoy movies, music, network connection.
Advantage one: Universal compatibility
Le excellent product series product compatibility is very comprehensive, can give almost all digital products charge, especially compatible with Apple products perfect, advanced power management program can identify all kinds of electronic products, and provide power supply the most suitable solutions.
Advantage two: lasting endurance
Le excellent product use the lithium industry leading enterprises - Li electric core, with advanced power management program can be more effective to reduce their own energy consumption, improve the conversion rate, the highest conversion rate of up to 85%, greatly improving the product life of Le Youliang.
Advantage three: fast charging
A common power supply iphone5 fully to 5 hours, while the music quality high-quality mobile power only 1.5--2 hours, power after a full charge will automatically turn off, provides efficient and rapid output charge.
Excellent product quality music mobile power supply to provide the best service to you!





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